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About Me

Happy Harris was born in London during the 1960's.
Influences of her childhood is paramount in her bright, retro and whimsy....decor, artwork and designs!

 A love of vintage and all things bright, cheery and whimsy has morphed from a casual eclectic habit...to an outright obsession. 

All items have been sourced and handmade by Happy Harris here in Blighty...they have all been carefully chosen to fit
into her unique style of decor, assuring the customer to always be able to find the right collectable.

I believe that colour and nostalgia brings happiness and joy!
The chipped paint and 'lived in' feel give items history and warmth....
A hand stitched quilt made with love from generations gone by, outweighs any mass produced item! every time!

I hope you enjoy my creations and finds...

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If you want to buy more than one item, please email me with the items that you want to purchase and your destination and I will send you a discount code.

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